What will I learn in a Virtuoso video course?

What you can learn from Virtuoso on demand video courses.

B Traits course videos
Our artist-led courses provide a window into the practice of successful industry practitioners. We work with leading artists from across the music industry to create structured courses with clear learning outcomes.

Each course contains helpful insights into workflows, plugins or techniques that artists use in their practice. The courses tend to be around 90 minutes long and they are generally broken up into 2-6 minute videos so that they are engaging and highly structured. 

We are also working on accredited courses
in DJing that will help to prepare you to take
a Graded exam or prepare for a Music GCSE performance. 

If you would like to request courses on advanced techniques and topics we would love to hear your suggestions here.


And if you would like to speak to someone, please get in touch via the chat icon - type in your message and your request will be put through to a member of our team.