What is the minimum download speed required to join the session?

The internet speed needed to join live sessions on the Virtuoso Stage with Virtuoso.

We recommend as a minimum that you have the following internet speeds when joining the Virtuoso Stage:

  • 5mbps download speed
  • 2mbps upload speed

You can check your internet connection here at fast.com if you want to see what speed you are currently getting from your connection.

If your internet is showing less than the minimum speed above then you may experience problems with both video and audio during the live session. To improve your speed you could try resetting your router, moving closer to your internet router or connecting directly to your router using an ethernet cable. Check out our article here on weak internet connections. 

SmartStudio Quality Selection-png

You can reduce the quality at the top of the Virtuoso Stage window and this should create a smoother experience for you.

NB: you may notice video is a bit less sharp and the audio a little less clear.