I can't hear the teacher. What should I do?

What to do if you can't hear the host or teacher in a SmartStudio live session.

If you can't hear the teacher when you join your class, please check that you are logged in
on a laptop or tablet and that your headphones or speakers are connected and working.

Tip: check that your headphones or speakers are working by playing a video on YouTube on another tab. 

If you can't hear the tutor:

  • leave the session using the button in the top right of the SmartStudio interface
  • select your audio devices on the left
  • go to set up and perform the microphone and speaker tests
  • make sure that you can hear the speaker test and that you can hear yourself
  • if you tests are successful you can rejoin the class with confidence that your audio
    is working

    SmartStudio setup & testing page

If your issues persist, please let us know in the chat which is located in the top right corner menu in the SmartStudio as shown by the conversation bubble.