Do I need to bring anything to the lesson?

Guidance from Virtuoso on getting the most from our video courses and our live masterclasses.

Here a few things that really help you to learn fast when watching our courses or live sessions and masterclasses.

  1. Have a notepad to hand - making notes really helps you to absorb key findings and to record your key takeaways. Organised notes can be a lifeline later down the line.
  2. Use an extra display or device if possible - when doing a video course it's so good to have the video course playing on one device while you try out techniques with the other.
  3. Structure your learning - make sure to have breaks between videos to try out techniques, to think about what you've learned or just to make a nice brew.
  4. Identify your weaknesses - honest appraisal about the areas where you are not so strong will guide your learning, reveal questions for masterclass hosts and lead to improvements.
  5. Make use of learning resources - use the resources that come with a course or live session. They are designed to enhance and support your learning.

    Notepad for taking notes on Virtuoso courses