Do I need to bring anything to the lesson?

Guidance from Virtuoso on getting the most from our video courses and our live sessions.

Here are a few things that really help you get even more out of our courses or live sessions:

  1. Have a notepad to hand – making notes really helps you to absorb everything and to record your key takeaways. Organised notes can be a lifeline later down the line.
  2. Use an extra display or device if possible – when doing a video course it's so good to have the video course playing on one device while you try out techniques on the other.
  3. Structure your learning – make sure to have breaks between videos to try out techniques, to think about what you've learned or just to make a nice brew.
  4. Make use of learning resources – the resources that come with courses can add an extra dimension to your learning. They can expand on points made by the artist and are handy to come back to later.

    Notepad for taking notes on Virtuoso courses